Fall Trends for Cheap 2018

As you know, we’re always on a budget here, so all the below pieces are from Nastygal.com where there’s always a 50% off sale. Not only do I have your #ootd game in mind, but I’m thinking of your wallet too.

Animal print by far, has taken over the fashion scene this fall. I have never really been a fan of leopard print because I felt it looked cheap. But my new found adventurous fashion self has come to truly appreciate the trend and incorporate it into everyday wear (see my latest post on realisation par skirt dupes). And while leopard print is hot on the scene, you don’t have to wear it head to toe. Let’s be mindful of how we style our spots. And let’s not forget, leopard is not the only animal print out there. The highly disregarded, and my personal favorite, the snake skin is also a great option when trying to achieve this trend. I have pieced together a few chic (and affordable) options for you to play with this fall including leopard, snake and dalmatian!

Riley Leopard Tee $15, Let’s Snake Up Jacket $40, On The Spot Dalmatian Jeans $25

Another trend I have been noticing at just about every store is the use of primary colors. The reds, blues and yellows really take me back to the finger painting days. Primary colors make me think of basics but these bold hues can really make an outfit pop. Try finding pieces with texture or added details like buttons to elevate the look and really make it a stand out piece.

I’m Busy Cord Blazer Dress $45, Take The Fall Knit Cardigan $18, In Re-Corduroy Time Longline Jacket $40

Finally, I saved the best for last. My all-time favorite article of clothing, the trouser. I like to think my style is best defined as “business casual meets street” which most often means I’m wearing a pair of cool trousers and sneakers. And i’m not just talking about any trouser, but of course, the tapered leg trouser. The ultimate article of clothing that’s flattering on almost every body type. Whether we’re talking paperbag waist, high waisted or as I like to call them, slouchy crotch, they are the must-have pant in everyone’s wardrobe.

Get In Linen Paperbag Pant $30, Come Round My Way Polka Dot Pant $25, Strike a Corduroy Pant $25

Leave me a comment and let me know which trend you like the most and which you’ll be adding to your fall wardrobe.


Realisation Par Leopard Print Skirt Dupes

Scrolling through Instagram I have seen the same skirt pop up countless times. It seems as though every fashion blogger owns the same leopard print satin midi skirt – which I desperately want. The cut is flattering on every body type and while it is an animal print, it’s not so “in your face” as you would imagine. With some digging (not much tbh) I found the original seller to be a brand called, Realisation Par. Their philosophy revolves around creating unique individual pieces rather than collections, something I feel is a little bit out of the norm for a higher end designer. Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot wanted to create special items missing from your everyday wardrobe – and I am definitely missing this skirt from mine. But at a price point of $180, I don’t have it in me – or my bank account to buy the original Naomi – Wild Things. If you are anything like me and struggle with justifying spending that much cash money on a skirt, here are a few options to save you the $$ but not the look.


Zaful $18.49 – Showpo $42.95 – Boohoo $18.00 – Nastygal $20.00 – Shein $14.00 – Princess Polly $50.34 – Zara $49.90